Corporate Fitness Coach

Corporate Fitness Coach

Where you focus goes, your energy flows".. Creating a stronger mind set and foundation is key to health and wellness success. In these sessions you will experience all the physical components of your exercise program but not only will you learn how to strengthen and achieve your physical goals, you will begin to build a strong foundation of mental well being. This will include creating your own vision board, meditation, yoga, fitness training, stress management, techniques and so much more..

Getting your mind right- Have you ever invested yourself in fitness equipment, gym memberships, have access to all the right things to get you in the best shape of your life and still found it extremely challenging?? After more than a decade teaching, coaching and educating myself I have found that if the right mindset is not there, it doesn't really matter what our environment has to offer. Research shows the power of mindfulness, including mindful eating, is the key to a happy, fit and healthy lifestyle as its all connected.

Here you will learn how to move towards what you want. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength, power, stress coping mechanisms, you will be supported and guided the whole way through. Using a variety of techniques, workshops, fitness regiments, all created for you to achieve your most successful , healthy and happy life! Side note: Brian Nunez, one of the my mentors states "Success is Relative- Once you figure out who you are, how you want to live your own life, you start to gain more control of your life!" You define your own success, no one else!


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